Online Teacher Resource List in Human Development & Sexual Health

If you were at the #OHPEA2016 conference, thanks so much for coming out! Please find the resource list below and feel free to reach out with any questions. Happy teaching!

Lesson Plans
Sex & Ability: Differing Abilities, Physical Disabilities & Intellectual Disabilities


For Parents

Q&A Document (Ontario)
Q&A Document (Hard copy - Canada)
Parents’ group speaker: (Section for teachers, parents and students)

Catholic Resources:

Visual Inclusivity Resources (posters, stickers, etc.):


Feel free to download the complete handout here!

If you use a MAC and want access my #Ophea2016 presentation slides, click here. If you use Windows, find them...

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Do You Have a Pre-Date Ritual?

If you get pre -date jitters, you're not alone, so we've collected some practical suggestions from real-life daters.  Please feel free to share your own pre-date rituals in the comments below. We love to hear from you!



Post By: Hootan Ghaffari 

Hootan is a 20 year old philosophy/literature student at the University of Toronto. He has an eye for the creative arts. 

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How Do Millennials Feel About Sex?

How do millennials feel about sex in 2016? We sent out our top Sex with Dr. Jess intern to Toronto Pride Week 2016 to find out! Check out what these young Torontonians have to say:


1. "There's no point hooking up with randoms, we need to feel special....All my friends are dating each other now because they realized that about themselves" - Marcus, 21, Bloor and Yonge @ Pride Week 2016

2. "You should come home with us [referring to interviewer], my girlfriend has a crush on you" - Madison, 19, Bloor and Church @ Pride Week 2016

3. "It takes time to develop a sexuality - the majority of people definitely don't know what they fully want- that's why we have to be more sexually accepting as a society"- Angela, 19, Queen Street West @ Trinity Bellwoods Park

4. "Jumping from relationship to relationship is not a good idea, but sometimes we can't help wanting the beauty people bring to your life. I've been with [my girlfriend] for a 4 years now and that's...

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11 Ways to Initiate Sex

Brought to you by Dr. Jess’ fave spot Desire Resorts. Check it out! It will change your life.

To be a great lover, you need to hone your ability to seduce your partner and make them feel desired. Body language, eye contact, tone, language and attitude are all essential to driving your lover wild, but sometimes we all need a little help with the practical side of initiation sex, so here are eleven simple strategies to help you become a master of seduction:

Highlight the attention they receive from others. If you caught the gardener or bartender checking your lover out, use this as a way to flirt, stroke their ego and remind them that they’re a sexual animal in the eyes of others.

Reminisce about the past. Talk about the hottest sex you ever had and spare no detail as you whisper your memories into your lover’s ear.

Give orders. It’s okay to be demanding and giving your partner directions is the perfect way to initiate sex without having to do all the...

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Tantra, Meditation, and Sex – Oh Yes!

A special thanks to Dr. Markie Twist for her insight on the study and discussion of meditative and tantric practices.

Brief History of Tantra


Tantric is used to refer to "sacred sexuality", and its origins are rooted in the East—India, specifically. What is known about Tantra today has been preserved through the works of the Kama Sutra and the Ananga Ranga. Tantra historically comprises two paths of training—Vara Marga (left-hand path), and Dakishna-Marga (right-hand path). The left-hand path includes a combination of sexual activity with yogic practices, whereas the right-hand path involves yogic practices without sexual activity. Tantra in Sanskrit means "integration"—meaning that the two paths work together and complement one another in practice.

Tantric practices became known in Western societies around the 1960s and have become increasingly popular since. The term often used in Western contexts is “Tantric sex”. Much of...

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Have You Heard of the Mona Lisa Touch?

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Fay Weisberg, a Toronto-based gynaecologist, who has recently introduced new technology that piqued my interest. I don't have a background in medicine, so I asked her to explain a bit more about the Mona Lisa Touch treatment:

What inspired you to start the FemRenew clinic?

In my years as a gynaecologist, I have come to realize that many women have real issues with their vaginal health,  whether it be pain, dryness, mild incontinence, burning or all of the above.  I have also realized that many women are either embarrassed about these symptoms or have their questions passed over and not answered.  As a result, I have become very sympathetic to these patients, and have made it my mission to help women obtain excellent vaginal health - as it does make a very big difference in their quality of life.  My FemRenew clinic is a forum for me to provide this service.

How does it work?

The Mona Lisa Touch is...

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Finding The Best Online Dating Site

Dating in in the digital age isn’t easy and neither is finding the right online dating site. There are many options out there that claim to be the best and to find you “true love,” but as most of you know, that’s not always the case. So, instead of wasting hours of your own time,, a company dedicated to conducting unbiased research, has looked into finding the best online dating sites out there. The last thing you want to do is be on an ineffective dating site that never pays out, so let’s see what they found…

They first rounded up all of the contenders, focusing on dating sites as opposed to apps and they looked for sites with a wide geographical net. Then they prioritized an active user base, looking through a web-traffic analytic company to see how many people are actually on each site . Then they scoured through user-reviews and even personally tested the finalists to get a hands-on feeling of each site.


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Do You Know What Your Erogenous Zones Are?

A recent study on human touch in relation to sexual arousal has generated a list of essential lessons about the human senses. Though sexual arousal can be triggered by visual and audible cues, the bodily regions that possess the capability to stimulate sexual response play a main role as well. However, the functional role of arousal-triggering properties are poorly understood. Nevertheless, through this scientific study, sexual regions in the body were examined and identified. See below for the highlights:

Erogenous Zones

Works Cited:

Post By: Hootan Ghaffari 

Hootan is a 20 year old philosophy/literature student at the University of Toronto. He has an eye for the creative arts. 

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How to Talk About Sex!


Excerpted from Dr. Jess' book Hot Sex: Tips, Tricks and Licks

Oral sex isn’t always about getting on your knees and puckering up. Some of the best oral sex (think long-term payoff) can be taken care of standing up or sitting at the dinner table—through real, honest communication. Getting oral with your partner is probably the most important thing you can do to cultivate a red-hot sexual relationship. So start talking!

It may not be easy to do, but the more you practice the easier it gets. If a topic is awkward, use these four tips to get started:

Talk when the time is right. Initiating a serious conversation about sex right before you’re about to get hot and heavy isn’t always an ideal. you’re more likely to rush through the discussion if you’re goal is really to get down to business. So set some time aside when sex is off the table: Start talking about sex while you’re out for coffee,...

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Sex in Ancient Greece

As a student of philosophy, I believe that the Ancient Greeks laid the foundation the way most of the world thinks today. Their philosophers examined a  vast array of thoughts pertaining to the universals of life including the birds and the bees. 

The erotic dilemma in Ancient Greece reflected the paradoxical nature of érōs. How could affection and love, or érōs, be capable of producing pleasure and kindness while also producing violent obsession and disruptions to the rational mind?

What did ancient Greek philosophers say about this? Some highlighted the importance of loving the person's soul as opposed to their body. Others, like the stoics, saw sexual aspirations as positive in so far as the state of character of the lover was in accordance to their ideal virtue. The two most impactful thinkers and surviving household names, Plato and Aristotle offered a range of insights on the subject. Check out their top ten...

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