The Kitty Carpet: The Reusable Downstairs Toupee

Having trouble growing out your pubic hair?

Did you laser everything away and are now having second thoughts?

Want to not-so-subtly nudge your partner into growing her hair out?

Check out the Kitty Carpet: The Reusable Downstairs Toupee! An amazing and amusing holiday gift idea. Laughter is one of the greatest aphrodisiacs!

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How To Keep The Flame Burning Over The Holidays

The holiday season can be a stressful time for many couples, so check out Dr. Jess’ tips to help keep your flame burning as your ring in the new year.


Forego Gift-Giving

Good things may come in small packages, but great things come in the form of our most valuable asset…time. The pressure to choose the perfect gift can detract from the cheer of the season, so trade in time at the mall for quality time spent together.

Take turns planning an intimate date and use these ideas as inspiration:

Go ice skating hand-in-hand.

Hit up the tobogganing hill beneath the stars.

Prepare a private brunch for two.

Indulge in a spa day.

Take a holiday cooking class together.

Snuggle up for an evening of spiked hot cocoa and cheesy holiday movies.

Go snow tubing!

Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or “adopt”’ a child and purchase holiday gifts from their wish list.


“Match” Your Family Time

The holidays usually involve a series of...

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The Link Between Emotional Challenges and Chronic Pain

I've become more and more interested in somatization as I try to unravel people's physical issues. Before I continue, here's a bit more info.

Somatization disorder is a long-term (chronic) condition in which a person has physical symptoms that involve more than one part of the body, but no physical cause can be found.

The pain and other symptoms people with this disorder feel are real, and are not created or faked on purpose (malingering).

The disorder usually begins before age 30 and occurs more often in women than in men. The disorder is more common in people with irritable bowel syndrome and chronic pain.

In the past, this disorder was thought to be related to emotional stress. The pain was dismissed as being "all in their head."

However, patients who have a somatization disorder seem to experience pain or other symptoms in a way that increases the level of pain. Pain and worry create a cycle that is hard to break.

People who have a history of physical or sexual abuse are more...

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The Naughty-But-Nice Gift Guide


Gifts From The Heart

You don’t have to dig deep into your wallet for naughty-but-nice gifts to surprise your lover this holiday season. Try your hand at writing a sexy story or compose a holiday-themed love letter and send it via the old-fashioned post. Make your own massage oil using olive or baby oil or tie a few colourful spatulas together with a festive ribbon and get kinky with some playful spankings. Wrap up a soft-bristled paintbrush and keep your lover guessing as to its use as you melt chocolate wafers for a sensual body-painting session. Alternatively, freeze some apple cider and play with the cool sensations and tastes against your most erogenous body parts before snuggling up under your blankets or in front of the fireplace. Do you know a couple in need of a few hours of alone-time? Offer up the gift of time and schedule a babysitting session outside of their home to let them relax and unwind as they enjoy a quick adult escape. Finally, take advantage of...

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The Truth About Vibrators

Last week, I tweeted some tips for reaching orgasm more quickly for women and the brilliant Joan Price pointed out that I left vibrators off the list. Considering the fact that almost all of my clients love their battery-operated toys, it really was quite an oversight! This omission coupled with a recent discussion I had with a passionate women’s group in Mexico prompted me to write this piece on vibrators and their role the bedroom.

When it comes to sex toys, there is a lot of misinformation out there, so I’m keen to set the record straight by addressing some of the most common vibrator myths I come across in my practice...


Myth: Vibrators are for single ladies.

Fact: While I can totally envision an awesome ad for the latest and greatest vibrator choreographed to Beyonce’s hit single (how cute would dancing vibrators be?), married women actually report higher rates of use than singles (60 vs. 30 percent). Given that women who use vibrators also report...

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Doggy Style: 5 New Takes On An Old Position

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

When it comes to sex positions, the possibilities are endless! However, even the most creative among us tend to fall into a routine, so sometimes we need a little inspiration to spice things up.

If you’re in need of a bit of inspiration, check out these hot position variations to take your tried and trusted doggie style to a whole new level.


First…The Classic Doggy Style

She gets on her hands and knees and he slides in from behind. That’s it folks!

Pile High Variation

Pile pillows beneath her hips to change her pelvic angle and stimulate her G-Spot and A-Spot from behind. She can lean forward onto her elbows and arch her back to give her butt a little extra POP!

Good Doggie Variation

He takes total control and grabs her by the forearms or wrists, so that she rests on her knees, but her torso is still almost parallel to the mattress. She submits to his dominance as he thrusts and rocks in perfect...

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New Ways To Get The Mission(ary) Accomplished: Tips To Spice Up This Classic Position

Oh the missionary position! Typically described as “man-on-top and woman-on-bottom, this classic go to configuration is one that many couples have engaged in over the years. As legend has it, this position found its name from Christian missionaries because they believed this position to be the right, and only way, to have sexual intercourse.


The missionary position is prized for its level of intimacy because of how close you can be with your partner. It lends itself to intense eye contact, passionate kissing and low impact thrusting. But if you’ve grown tired of the standard missionary, try out one of these variations.

A Tight Squeeze

Ladies: once your partner is inside, both of you keep your legs together. Move your pelvis so it is slightly below his and have him give you deep thrusts and rock against your mons pubis. The increased tightness from your legs being together will feel great to him, and because you are positioned slightly below his pelvis,...

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Is Shopping Together Good For Your Sex Life?

Researchers claim that shopping can be just as exciting as sex, as stumbling upon a great deal causes a powerful endorphin rush that rivals sexual arousal. Seriously?

A dispassionate shopper, I am reluctant to buy the theory that that a hot deal can leave you overcome with climactic excitement. I adore my sky-high heels and appreciate their role in the bedroom, but I cannot imagine getting that worked up in the mall.

Shopping expert, Tamika Auwai of Shop Socials sees things differently and invited me to attend her sold-out event, TEN, at the Spoke Club to observe the connection between intimacy and shopping in the flesh. This cocktail-friendly experience included some of the hottest designers in Canada and I was immediately taken aback by the number of couples who attended hand-in-hand. Perhaps it was the exclusive venue or the melange of booze and design, but the event was packed and love was in the air.

Guests were eager to explain the connection between shopping and intimacy and...

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Why Women Lose Interest In Sex...And What We Can Do About It

“I’d rather eat chocolate.”

“I just don’t care for it. It’s more of a hassle.”

“I want to be in the mood, but it just doesn’t happen anymore.”

Do you ever wonder what happened to your libido? Are you in an otherwise happy relationship in which the sexual tension seems to have vanished and you’d like to get it back? You are not alone! Losing interest in sex is actually quite common for women of all ages and while our reasons for becoming uninterested are varied, there are some common themes that emerge in our highly personal stories.

Read on to uncover some of the top reasons women lose interest in sex and explore practical strategies for getting your sexual groove back.

Performance Pressure


Sex is supposed to be an experience, not a performance. If we could shift it back toward the former, the bulk of our sexual challenges would be easily resolved. Unfortunately, our obsession with sex as an indicator of...

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3 Ways To Seduce Your Woman


What do all great lovers have in common? They are masters of seduction and they know it. Confidence may be key to seducing your lover, but you can also pick up a few tips and tricks along the way to keep her coming back for more. Try out these seduction approaches and let us know how it goes!

Compliment Her


You want to have sex with her, right? Then tell her! Let her know that she is the object of your desire and ply her with compliments. Telling her that she looks good won’t suffice. You need to seduce her by describing in detail everything you like about her. Think about all five senses and compliment glow of her skin, the scent of her hair, the taste of her lips, the beauty of her curves and the sweet sound of her breath. Be an animal and let her know just how badly you want to get between her legs…and cater to her every need.

Be Aggressive


Sometimes a poke in the backside or a half-hearted “Wanna do it?” just won’t...

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