Vaginal Health: Health Tips For Your Nether Regions

We only have one vagina, ladies, so taking care of the one you have should be a top priority. Here are some ways you can keep your nether regions happy and healthy:


Hair Removal

If using a razor, make sure it is clean with no rusting. Ideally, it isbe the best to use a new razor every time, but if it’s not possible please make sure it is at peak performance and the razor blades are sharp. The sharper the blade the easier the shaving process, the duller the blade the more drag occurs against the skin which causes razor burn.

This area is extremely sensitive and prone to irritation from hair removal.

When using hair removal methods such as creams or waxes make sure they are safe for use on the genital area. Some brands give you direct instructions on how to use their products on the genital area while others direct you not to use their products at all in this area. Always follow instructions and precautions because it’s better to be safe and sorry.

Eat your...

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How To Flirt With Your Lover

An excerpt from Dr. Jess’ best-seller, Hot Sex Tips, Tricks and Licks.


Flirting is one of the most fundamental human behaviors and each of us is hard-wired to seduce prospective partners with flirtatious gestures and expressions. When you first meet, the flirting meter flies off the charts, but this sexy courting ritual wanes with time and can easily disappear even in loving relationships. This can be catastrophic, as evolutionary psychologists believe that flirting with your own partner is actually a genetic survival tactic. Translation? Flirting leads to more sex!

Here are a few flirting tips to take your prolonged foreplay to new heights:

Touch! Brush your hand against your lover’s thigh in non-sexual situations to make the blood rush to their pelvic region and give them a taste of what’s to come later on. This isn’t a commitment to “have sex” when you get home, but just a reminder that your attraction to them is still red-hot.


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Winter Sex Ideas

Evolutionary researchers believe that our ancestor’s hibernating patterns may be to blame for a drop in libido alongside the mercury, but that’s no reason to trade in your hot sex life for the big chill. Heat things up in (and out) of the bedroom as the temperatures drop and take your sex life to a new level before the first sign of Spring.

We’ve got a few suggestions to help ensure that your sex life is stays smokin’ hot during the Winter months:


Boot Sex

Forget your hat! Leave your boots on…or at, least your socks. Research suggests that women are more likely to reach orgasm if their feet are warm, so a foot massage or donning a pair of thigh-high boots may just make for the perfect foreplay.

Whether you’re fresh off the slopes in clunky ski boots or straight off the runway in cozy, but sexy Sorels, stripping down to nothing but boots provides visual stimulation aplenty!

Standing 69 Sex

Why try the challenging and super hot Standing...

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Take Your Sexual Temperature

Sometimes you get so stuck sexually and you are so used to feeling stuck, you have no way to gauge how or why.

I see this a lot with new sex coaching clients and prospects. If a woman has gotten far enough in her process to call me, she at least has some sense that her sexuality needs attention. Sometimes that’s as much as she knows. Figuring out the way into it or how to break it down feels hard and the whole of her sexual issues becomes a series of symptoms with vague ideas of the root causes.

You can start by taking your own sexual temperature, so to speak. Look at the various key aspects of your sexuality and if you could literally take your temperature, how would the mercury rise and fall?

Your Sexual Temperature Key


Totally shut down, not happening, needs life-support now!


On life-support, barely keeping its pulse but trying to survive.

Things are moving a bit, maybe slowly, maybe not all in the best direction, but there is motion and a will to be...

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Real Women Have Real Bodies

I hate putting on a bathing suit. It’s irrational, to some extent, but very real. I am not alone. I don’t know very many women – over the age of 21 anyway – who like to be seen in their bathing suits. It’s scary. It’s the most surefire way to feel badly about yourself. It’s filled with the anxiety of “stacking up,” of being “hot,” of looking how the media tells you that beautiful women look. After all, you NEVER see “normal” women in bathing suit ads, calendars, movies etc….

I’m not an all-encompassing media blamer. There’s more to it than that. We are reflective creatures. Long before we had mirrors and mass media, I’m betting that we looked to the reaction of others to know whether we were beautiful or not. And I’m betting that when someone else got all the attention, we interpreted it as a personal short coming. Even those of us who claim not to.


When my friend...

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Make Her Moan With Pleasure!

You may already be a seasoned pro between the sheets, but even an old dog can learn a few new tricks. After all, I’ve been studying human sexuality (formally) for the past twelve years and I learn something new each and every day. Lucky me!


It is my pleasure to share one of my favourite moves, the Pinch N Groove, which receives rave reviews from my clients across the globe…

Begin by riling her up with the Pussy Pocket. This easy move is a great warm-up technique, but it can also be used to take her over the edge as you increase the speed, pressure and grinding. Simply cup your warm hand over her Venus mound pressing your palm against her mound and curling your fingers down over her vulva. Press your fingers against her gradually increasing the intensity by pulsing, rubbing and undulating your entire hand over her most sensitive region.

Once her hips start to thrust and her breath rate increases, have her lean back against the headboard with her legs...

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Feeling Sexually Blah? It's Time to Stimulate the Sacral Chakra

Often times, clients come to me (particularly moms) without any ability to connect with their lower abdominals. When an area of our body feels dormant or hard to connect with, this can sometimes mean that that corresponding chakra needs some energy brought into the area. The sacral chakra is about feeling and sexuality and is located right around the lower abs. Visit this site to read more.

Sacral Chakra

Any exercise that helps stimulate the lower abs can be a great way to bring your sexuality back to life and bring new energy into the area, clearing out stagnation.

There are some go to exercises I love for getting these muscle fibres more alive.

To get your started, I'm going to suggest the towel squeeze tail bone lift exercise. Many people who haven't been able to fire these lower tummy muscle fibres find this fool proof! I've had people swear they haven't been able to feel this area work in any exercises or with lots of coaching in the past and finally feel their lower tummies alive again.


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Sex Trends: What To Expect For 2013

Sexting: Last Year

From debate over anti-sexting laws to tragic stories of bullying and harassment, the topic of sexting took centre stage in 2012. And though most news stories focused on the negative fallout associated with sexting, many sex and relationship experts agree that the marriage between sex and technology can actually improve communication and heighten intimacy as long as you practice safer sext.


Love it or hate it, sexting is one trend that is here to stay! With smartphones and tablets at our fingertips and reverse camera displays and filters that ensure we feature only our very best angles, the temptation to snap sexy photos and share them with our admirers will last well into the new year and beyond.

Virginity Auctions: Last Year

From a 22 year-old California student looking to pay for her Master’s degree to a filmmaker documenting the stories of women seeking the highest bidder through viral videos, virginity auctions made headlines across the globe....

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Sex In The World Of Comic Books

Sexuality in comics can be seen in the fetish inspired costumes, the racy story lines and the killer curves that are drawn onto the characters.

Sex is everywhere even in comics…now I see the fascination for comic nerds!

You can see fetish inspired costumes on characters such as Cat Woman.

She wears a skin tight leather cat suit that could easily be seen on any working dominatrix. Her claws are made to cause pain and her whip to whip the bad guys into shape.


Her badass, take charge, play no games attitude completely mimics a dom and she oozes confidence and sex. She has been played by some of Hollywood’s sexiest such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry and most recently by the gorgeous Anne Hathaway.

Wonder woman is an amazon women who also carries a whip… and a very generous bust line. Wonder woman was one of the first popularized comic book beauties and since her entrance into the comic world she has spawned a new generation of comic vixens.

Wonder Woman


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Sexy Senior's Holiday Gift Guide 2012

By Joan Price

Usually when I write a gift guide for you, I compile the best of the sex toys, books, and other items that I've reviewed all year. This year, I'm spotlighting some fabulous products that I haven't reviewed yet, along with some favorites of the year.

I've tried a few different clitoral arousal gels, and they all provide a bit of a tingle. The new wOw Max O from Wet is a whole different species.

It's more than a tingle -- almost a sting, but in a lusciously arousing, sexy way. It contains two vasodilators which bring blood to the surface of the skin -- important for arousal and orgasm -- and peppermint creates the more-than-tingly sensation. It feels really, really good. If you like the idea of extra clitoral arousal, but you want a gentle assist rather than the power of the Max, Wet also makes a milder version, called wOw Gentle O. Although the tube looks small, Wet says women typically get 75 applications from one tube.

Wet also makes 14 different kinds of lubricant,...

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