Exercises for Couples to Try in Isolation

Uncategorized May 11, 2020

This week on Global TV's The Morning Show, Jess walked Carolyn and Jeff through a few exercises for couples to try during their quarantine. These exercises (both physical and verbal) are to help break the monotony, maintain a strong connection, and inject more excitement into the relationship. Check out her notes and video segment below.

1. The Heartbeat: Rest your head on your partner's chest to listen to their heartbeat. It’s so grounding to think that if that little muscle stops, that’s all she wrote. It’s a good way to start your day and it takes less than a minute.

2. The Gratitude Gap: Thank your partner for something you’ve come to expect and perhaps take for granted.

3. Love Note Hunt: Hide sweet or sexy notes throughout the house and let your partner stumble upon them naturally.

4. What I Miss (for co-workers who are separated): Make a list of 3 things you miss about your co-worker. This isn’t a time to flirt or be suggestive with a crush. Keep it professional. You can send them a video note or send them an email.

5. Partnered Stretching: We’ve been doing the Partner-Chair (air-sit against one another’s backs), the Double Plank & The Bird (acro-yoga that isn’t hard). It’s good for physical connection and laughter.

6. Memory Charades: Act out a fond memory and let your partner guess. You could also do it with friends over video chat.

7. Do This. Not That: Try this handout with your partner. These are just prompts, and should help you to spark a deeper conversation.

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