5 Ways To Find Love (and Friendship) In Toronto

Uncategorized Jul 09, 2019

One in five Canadians reports being lonely and research suggests that loneliness plagues Torontonians and folks in big cities across the nation. Loneliness not only affects our quality of life, but is associated with higher rates of depression and anxiety which are tied to physical health issues including heart disease and high blood pressure.

If you’re looking to spark new relationships — intimate or platonic — in Toronto, there is no better time to get started than the present. Jess joined Jennifer Valentyne on Global News Morning Toronto to share five ways to find love and friendship in the city.

Check out the summary and video below and make a commitment to trying one of these approaches today:

Why is it so hard to meet new people in big cities?

The density of our living conditions leads to anonymity as the norm. We don’t take the time to get to know people because we’re surrounded by so many folks that we’re never ever alone. Think about...

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Sexuality Superheroes: Karen Kaz Lucas

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2019

Check out this week's Sexuality Superhero! Meet Karen Kaz Lucas. Using her influence from her entertaining days, Kaz started The Spread podcast. Finding that sexual health resources were limited in Kenya, her goal was to create a safe digital space where sex education, sexual identities and inclusivity are thoroughly understood. Read her feature below.

How did you find yourself working in sexuality?

I stumbled into this field out of the important things, passion and need. In Kenya there is a huge gap in the sex education industry and so many people are operating from a point of fear. I am using predominantly digital spaces to help everyone recreate their own sexual stories and not based on those told to them from fundamentalist perspectives.

What is the best part of the job?

Learning. Everyday I get to learn something new. I am open to the endless possibilities and I get to meet and interact with so many people across the world and discuss how...

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Gossip: Costs, Benefits & How To Handle It

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2019

Gossip and trash talking in the workplace…sometimes it bonds employees but is it ever worth it? What should you do if you know that you are the subject of it? How do you stop trash talking and gossiping if you’ve developed a bad habit of it? Plus strategies for encouraging co-workers to tone it down. We all know how contagious and toxic it can be, so Jess sat down to discuss with Jeff and Carolyn on The Morning Show.

Check out the summary and video below.

We all gossip from time to time, so what is it’s appeal?

Gossip can be damaging, but research suggests that it can also produce personal and group benefits. For example, some folks report that it eases anxiety to talk about a negative interaction or observation as a means of warning others. Research at Stanford University suggests that when you learn about potentially negative behaviour from others, you can avoid negative interaction and foster collaboration with those...

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How to Have a Harmonious Road Trip

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2019

Road trip season is upon us! In fact, I just returned from an 8.5 hour drive with my partner, @VerityBrandon. We spent the weekend at Wanderlust in the Vermont mountains (near Stratton) where we practiced Yoga, hiked to several peaks and spread good vibrations in the Soul Pleasure tent with We-Vibe and Womanizer.

Here are a few pics from the weekend…


Road trips can be a great way to spend time with your loved ones, but they can also be stressful, so I joined Carolyn and Jeff this morning to share a few tips and insights on how to make the most of your time on the road.

Check out the notes and full video below.

1. Do most people enjoy a long road trip or is it normal to fight?

It’s common to experience tension or argue while on a road trip because tensions are high when you have so little control over your environment. You can’t control traffic, road closures or inclement weather and this lack of control can lead to stress which involves an increase in cortisol...

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Sexuality Superheroes: Dr. Megan Stubbs

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2019

We have a new Sexuality Superhero this week! Meet Dr. Megan Stubbs. As a sexologist, Megan often talks about the relationship between science and sex. She is a speaker, appears frequently on radio and television programming, and writes for many well-known media outlets and publications. Check out her feature below!

How did you find yourself working in sexuality?

I think it was my destiny to become a sexologist. I was always that friend you went to growing up to ask about ‘sex stuff’. Of course, growing up when I did, a sexologist was never a job that you saw on career day. I had a keen aptitude for the sciences, biology in particular, so I thought ‘Ok, let’s go to school to become a medical doctor.’ During undergrad I did really well in my biology courses, but realized that chemistry and I were not compatible haha. I dropped my pre-med emphasis and just wanted to get out alive with my general biology degree. All the while I was still that friend you...

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Here's What You Should Know About Financial Infidelity

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

Research suggests that over a third of Canadians have lied to their partner about money and an equal number of been on the receiving end of financial infidelity. Jess has worked with more cases of financial infidelity than she can count, so she joined Carolyn and Jeff to discuss this hot topic on The Morning Show today.

1. What is financial infidelity?

Financial infidelity can take many forms. It might involve hiding money, lying about debt or income, inflating or deflating figures, falsifying records or using financial power to manipulate your partner. It can wreak havoc on a relationship, but it can also be a symptom of relationship troubles as opposed to the root issue itself. Oftentimes it stems from telling smaller lies at the beginning of the relationship, which snowball into additional lies intended to support the original falsehood.

2. Why do people lie about money?

Oftentimes, it’s related to shame and judgment, but there are many reasons why one might be inclined to...

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Sexuality Superheroes: Wendy Miller

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2019

Say hello to this week's Sexuality Superhero, Wendy Miller. Wendy and Jess go way back to their days on set of Playboy TV's Swing. Since then, Wendy has written and produced numerous TV episodes, has become a distinguished comedy writer, and has created her own podcast. Read her feature below and learn more!

How did you find yourself working in sexuality?

Completely by accident. I was hired by Playboy TV to completely reinvent their programming and create premium adult shows for couples to enjoy together. Immediately, I had to surround myself with the best sex educators in the world in order to become an expert myself. Spending time with various sex educators, swingers and adventurous couples; and hanging out on the set of shows such as Swing taught me a lot more about sex than I ever expected.

What is the best part of the job?

Knowing that I was helping couples stay sexually in sync while getting to spend time with really open-minded people who are adventurous, less judgmental and...

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Can You Spot a Lie?

Uncategorized May 30, 2019

Research suggests that lying is a regular part of our daily interactions, so Jess sat down with Carolyn and Jeff on Global TV's The Morning Show to discuss the research in terms of prevalence, consequences and how to overcome a lie. Check out the video and summary below.

What do people lie about in dating and relationships?

Research suggests that we tend to lie about the following topics in our dating profiles:

Appearance - Both men and women are likely to lie about physical characteristics such as height (50% have lied and men are more likely to stretch the truth) and weight (women are more likely to subtract pounds — an average of 8.5 for women and 1.5 for men).

Age and Income - Whether they round down to the lower age bracket or round up to a higher income bracket, both men and women are dishonest in this department. If your love interest is sporting fashion or a hairstyle from another decade in their profile pic, they might be lying about their age. Daters also tend...

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Sexuality Superheroes: Kevin Patterson

Uncategorized May 27, 2019

This week, meet Kevin Patterson. Kevin is a polyamorous blogger and sex-positive podcaster. Kevin's goal is to raise awareness about polyamorous relationships - the good and the bad. His blog, Poly Role Models, discusses the struggles, the history, and dynamics of being in a polyamorous relationship. Read his feature below.

How did you find yourself working in sexuality?

I've got this one thing I do really well. I talk about myself and my experiences in a relatable way. The good and the bad. I spoke at length about my experiences as a polyamorous black man and people just started listening. I wasn't looking to blaze any trails, but suddenly that's what I was doing. A partner of mine suggested that I start speaking in educational spaces and writing books. It all sounded way out of my range, but I did it anyway and have been pretty successful with it.

What is the best part of the job?

When I started out my polyamorous journey, I felt really isolated by way of race. I still...

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Do You Need a Relationship Makeover?

Uncategorized May 21, 2019

This morning on The Morning Show, Jess sat down with Jeff and Carolyn to address YOUR relationship questions. Check them out below, along with her video interview.

I love my wife and we have always had a pretty good relationship, but lately we are starting to feel more like roommates and I feel like we’re in a rut. How do we reset and give our marriage a makeover?

You’re already on the right track, because you opened with the positive: you’ve always had a good relationship and you know that this rut isn’t permanent.

Oftentimes, advice related to breaking out of a rut focuses on injecting novelty, but I suggest you look to the past to shape the future:

Can you identify what made your relationship so great in the past? Can you make a list of what you used to do well and can you make adjustments to restart some of these behaviours or rituals? If you look back a few years, what did you do differently? Did you spend more time with friends? Did you spend more...

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