Lube 101

Discovering lube as a grown-up is like discovering what your clit does as a kid. "Who," you think, "was the brilliant mind behind this idea? And why did I not know about this sooner? Why did I memorize the quadratic equation in high school, but not hear a word about this vastly more life-improving substance?" Below you will find an introduction to this lovely stuff.

Because without changing any other single thing that you do in your sex life, you will completely change the feel of most of the things you're already doing. Ever had a hard time coming because the friction of your hand on your clit left you less than excited? Ever been enjoying a nice long round of intercourse only to be stopped short by irritation? Ever ended up with a raw penis after a vigorous jerk-off session? **Ever had a condom break?** Lube, lube, lube, lube.

But not every lube is ideal for every person or every situation. Each lube has a main ingredient, and each has pros and cons. Some lubes are better for anal...

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Durex Earth Hour Survival Kit Giveaway

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2014

Durex #TurnOFFtoTurnON Campaign

Durex is encouraging us all to #TurnOFFtoTurnON for Earth Hour on March 29th, in support of our environment – and our relationships.

It seems that couples today spend a lot more time on their devices than they do interacting with their partner. often this takes a toll on our sex lives. If you’re not convinced, take a look at these stats.

  • A UK study shows that people are having 20% less sex than they were ten years ago (The Lancet – UK adults between 2000 and 2010)
  • 20% of 18-34 year olds in the US have admitted to using their smart phone during sex (Nielsen)
  • Canadians spend an average of 7.1 hours of LEISURE time per day on four screens – smart phones, tablets, computers and television (The Multiscreen Canadian, 2013)

This Earth Hour, I enourage you to disconnect your devices and reconnect with your partner. #TurnOFFtoTurnON March 29th.

WIN a Durex Earth Hour Survival Kit!

Durex is helping us spread the word on this great...

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PlayboyTV at The Vancouver Taboo Show

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2014


Dr. Jess was excited to represent PlayboyTV at yet another great event. Not only was Vancouver beautiful, The Taboo Show was filled with excitement, packed seminars, half naked butlers, and a giant cloth vulva! The Hanky Panky Party booth certainly drew a crowd with their beyond-life-size display. Unfortunately we didn't get to snap a picture. (We know, we know. We're sorry!) But we did manage to capture some other great moments, which we've shared with you below. Enjoy!

Vancouver Taboo Show

A gorgeous green building in Vancouver.
Vancouver Taboo Show

So much sexy in one photo! The talented Brent Ray Fraser, Dr. Jess and Violet Vega smile for the camera


Vancouver Taboo Show

The beautiful lobby in the Shangri La.


Vancouver Taboo Show

Dr. Jess is interviewed by CTV


Vancouver Taboo Show

Butlers in the Buff! You can hire these servers for your next party.


Vancouver Taboo Show

Toys galore!


Vancouver Taboo Show

Dr. Jess' new dress from Carrie's Closet.


Vancouver Taboo Show

Sisterly love <3 Dr. Jess and her sister (and yoga pro) Laura.

Vancouver Taboo Show

A stunning view of the Vancouver harbour.

Vancouver Taboo Show


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Halifax Sex Show Recap

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2014


Quiver Books

Quiver Books presents Dr. Jess at the Everything to do with Sex Show in Halifax!

It was a weekend of warm hospitality, sexy performances & a healthy amount of wine & lobster (not to mention the wild after party!). Jess got to meet many of her east-coast fans and after her packed seminars even made some new ones!

Halifax Sex Show

Haligonians just couldn't get enough of The Oral Sex Deck & Hot Sex Tips, Tricks & Licks. We sold out!


Adult stars at the Halifax Sex Show

Dr. Jess and Adult stars Charmane Star & Breanne Benson. We love these ladies!

Halifax Sex Show books

So many hot tips all in one place! Be sure to check out Sonia Borg's Oral Sex You'll Never Forget.


Halifax Sex Show

Dr. Jess poses for photos with show guests.

Samantha at the Halifax Sex Show

Samantha enjoying her new new Lelo.

Charmane and Breanne with Jess at the Halifax Sex Show

Dr. Jess at the after party with Charmane & Breanne.

Enjoyed the Halifax Sex Show Recap? You can read all about Dr. Jess' trip to the Montreal Everything to do with Sex Show/Salon de L'Amour et de la Seduction too!

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Montreal Sex Show Recap

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2014


Dr. Jess was thrilled to represent Playboy TV at the Everything to do with Sex Show in Montreal!

The Everything to do with Sex show is always a fantastic event and Montreal was no exception. Dr. Jess had a full house at all her seminars and got the crowd all riled up with her educational and comedic sessions! From a live interview on CJAD 800 with Dr. Laurie Betito to jam-packed signing session with Quiver Books, the weekend flew by and we're already missing Montreal.

Dr. Jess, Brandon and Roxi D'Lite at the Montreal Sex Show

Dr. Jess and Brandon at Roxi D'Lite's booth


PlayboyTV booth

Dr. Jess drew quite a crowd at the the Playboy TV booth.


Sabrina with Dr. Jess

Sabrina was a great addition to the Sex WIth Dr. Jess team!


Dr. Jess with Carlyle Jansen

Dr. Jess and Carlyle Jansen from Good for Her


St. James Hotel

The beautiful St. James Hotel 

Breakfast at St. James Hotel

They converted this stunning old bank into the restaurant at the St. James Hotel.


Dr. Jess with Susan Alper

Dr. Jess and Susan Alper of Susan Alper Connections.

Roxi Dlite and Frank from Monde Ose

Dr. Jess, Frank from Monde Ose and Roxi D'Lite


Dr. Jess and Carlyle Jansen

Dr. Jess and...

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Video: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Do you get frustrated when your he leaves his towel on the floor over and over again? Does it bother you when she forgets to buy milk for the fifth time? It's normal in a relationship to get frustrated by the small bad habits of your partner. This frustration, however, can sometimes grow to the point where it affects larger aspects of your relationship such as your sex life. To stop this from happening, here's a tip to help you not sweat the small stuff:

Think of your partner like a piece of meat! 

Anytime you encounter a small thing your partner has done that frustrates you (ie. left the toilet seat up, left the oven on, etc), try to think of your carnal attraction to your partner. Think of your partner like a piece of meat and focus on one part of him or her that you think is absolutely sexy. This thought doesn't necessarily have to lead to sex - it simply helps you forget about the petty issue and remember what you love about your partner.


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Dr. Jess in Grande Prairie

Dr. Jess passed through Grande Prairie last week to participate in HIV North Society's 25th anniversary! She met with a great group of enthusiastic community members and shared insights on everything from healthy relationships to the mysterious G-Spot. Check out some of the pics below!

Dr. Jess and coworkers at Grande Prairie

These lovely ladies (all co-workers) made Dr. Jess' event at Ovations Theatre a "work night" out!


Jared & Amanda with Dr. Jess at Grande Prairie

Jared Gossen, Team Lead of HIV/North Society & Amanda, Street Nurse, pose for a quick shot!


Brittney with Dr. Jess at Grande Prairie

Brittney (RN) taught Dr. Jess a thing or two about childbirth and the female anatomy...


A workshop participant with Dr. Jess in Grande Prairie

Dr. Jess poses with another fun workshop participant.


Pianist in Grande Prairie

What a novel concept! Amid the hustle, bustle and stress of the Edmonton airport, a pianist offers some soothing sounds...

Check out what the Daily Herald Tribune had to say about Dr. Jess' event:

Renowned Sexologist Takes The Stage Monday

By Caryn Ceolin

"Dirty talk won’t happen just in the bedroom, Monday evening.


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Why Dating In Your 20s is an Utter Nightmare

I wouldn’t wish being 24 on anyone: it’s an age wrought with complete confusion, desperation, irresponsibility, raging hormones and being completely broke. The only thing worse than being in your early to mid twenties is being in your early to mid twenties in the dating world.

We all have to jitter our way through our twenties eventually, and my only hope is to make it out fairly unscathed. That hasn’t quite been the case thus far, so as I approach turning 25 in a month and a half, I am praying the latter half of this decade is (slightly) less of a vodka-induced haze with a side of heartbreak.

Not only have I endured my own dating nightmares, I also have the pleasure of being the resident pseudo-psychiatrist amongst my group of friends, which allows me to experience by proxy the horrors I haven’t had the pleasure of weathering. Along the way I have managed to compile a small but valuable collection of knowledge about the complete chaos that is the dating...

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PlayboyTV Presents Dr. Jess Sexologist

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2013

Dr. Jess (PlayboyTV's Sexologist) offers tips & advice to spice up your sex life at Toronto's 2013 Everything to do With Sex Show. From dirty talk & seduction moves to relationship tips & oral sex techniques, fans left with the confidence to heighten intimacy and reignite the passion in the bedroom.

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The Lifestyle of Tantra with Mary Anne Marlow

We here at Sex with Dr. Jess recently became acquainted with Mary Anne Marlow, author of Pursue to Paradise Mary has devoted many years of her life to learning Tantric methods of sacred union. Naturally, we wanted Mary Anne's help to introduce you, the readers, to the Lifestyle of Tantra. Here is what she had to share with us:

How did you first come to know the "Lifestyle of Tantra"?

It was well over 10 years ago, while living in the arms of paradise in Costa Rica, where I was introduced to the “Lifestyle of Tantra”. A couple that I regularly provided Aromatherapy massage to owned a B & B Tantra Retreat and together, they were disciplined in the sacred practices of the Eastern Tantra/Tao Philosophies.  One aspect of that lifestyle was exercising healthy intimate meditations of sexual energy.  Following this; I took it upon myself to fine-tune techniques learned through the writings of Mantak Chia & other various masters.

What is the...

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