Unique Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2018

New year, new sex positions! Expand your sexual horizons in the bedroom this year with a few new sex positions under your belt. I've provided some interesting sex positions below you can try tonight!

Why is it important/fun/exciting to switch up sex positions with your partner?

Humans are programmed to seek and be excited by variety, but when it comes to sex, we tend to repeat what works or lean on our go-to moves because we’re also programmed to avoid failure and rejection. When we push through this fear of rejection and challenge our comfort zones, we not only find excitement, but more intense fulfillment and passion.

Changing positions is a simple way to switch up your sexual routine and reignite the passion in a long-term relationship. It’s likely that new positions will lead to new discoveries. For example, you might incidentally reach orgasm from the stimulation of a different area or you might find that you have a different type of orgasm by activating a...

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Ever Wondered How Jess Became A Sexologist?

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2017

Jess has received countless emails and questions from her followers about how she got into sexology and how she became who she is today. Many aspiring students have asked for some guidance on where to start and what to study. The Sex with Dr. Jess team has composed a few FAQs below. Happy reading!

1. How/why did you enter the field? What has been your career path?

I was a high school teacher and I saw the gaps in our sexual health education system. Students were coming to me with questions and concerns regarding STIs, unplanned pregnancy and abusive relationships — they had so few places to turn and often received misinformation on some very important subjects. I believe that sex & relationship education is the foundation of our daily interactions from the way we communicate with our parents, friends, and co-workers to the way we respond in intimate relationships. I went back to school because I wanted to be part of a solution that improves sexual health and...

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What Do You Know About Energetic Orgasms?

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2017

I often get asked what do energetic orgasms feel like and how do you achieve one? My very first energetic orgasm was an ecstatic experience to say the least…Want to know how it went? Here’s a little glimpse into this story:

“… All of a sudden, her body started moving of its own accord. It scared her. A sexual wave, a strong involuntary movement ran through her body. Another. And the Next.


“What is happening to me?” she asked him. He smiled. She could clearly see that he was not touching her. Tracey was intently looking at her vulva and moving his hands a few inches above it without physically stimulating her. As he later told her, he was playing with her energy field, pleasuring her with the power of his focused intention. But at the moment, she was completely puzzled as to what was taking place…

Her body kept on convulsing and feeling intense waves of beautiful energy explosions rising from her Root chakra at the base of the spine,...

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Anal Sex Tips

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2017

Anal sex is the new black! Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but there is no denying that it is a hot topic for both men and women. Recent research indicates that anal sex is on the rise with up to 46 percent of women reporting that they’ve indulged in some sizzling back-door play.

Whether you’re feeling a bit hesitant or excited to dive right in, be sure to read through this list of tips in its entirety before experimenting with each strategy, as each one builds upon the former.

1. Get to know your bum

Your anus is a thing of wonder! Really!

With two sphincter muscles (ring-like structures), rich nerve endings and a highly responsive pucker (AKA bum hole), your butt is worth becoming acquainted with -- especially if you’re going to let a partner in on the action.

While masturbating or showering, try sliding a lubed up pinky finger inside and allowing your sphincter muscles to contract and relax as you breathe deeply.


2. Do it...

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Tips for Having a Happy and Harmonious Holiday With Your Partner

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2017

’Tis the season to be jolly! But just how jolly can one be when the already overwhelming to-do list is further encumbered by the addition of holiday chores, family gatherings and of course, family politics?

Research suggests that along with an increase in alcohol consumption and binge eating, stress levels also increase during the holiday season. It follows, that relationships — intimate and familial — are strained and for many, the holidays, are anything but harmonious.

We asked The Morning Show viewers to share their holiday-related questions and concerns about relationships and offered some insights on how to have a more harmonious holiday season.

Josie from Barrie sent us a FB message: My husband's family is a disaster and always ends up fighting after Christmas dinner. (We are hosting this year.) It’s so stressful for him and I want to take care of him. What can I do?

  • It’s awesome that you’re looking out for him — just make sure...
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Your Holidays Just Got Naughtier

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2017

Looking for the perfect holiday adult play date? If you're based in Los Angeles or the Southern Californian area, we may have the perfect party for you! Jess had a chance to interview adult entertainer and entrepreneur, Alina Ratuska. Alina will be hosting a "Naughty Santa Party".

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 10.23.26 AM

in Beverly Hills this Saturday (December 16th). Alina is the Creative Director for Sntcm nightclub and was just featured on Showtime's Naked Snctm. Check out her interview below!

1. You’re a woman organizing a sex party. Do you think that gives it some added credibility and legitimacy and makes it feel safer for women to attend?

I bring a woman's touch to the party, but I want the party to be fun for both men and women. I think I have something for everyone at my events. But yes, I am very sensitive to the needs and desires of women.

2. What makes your parties different than other traditional lifestyle parties?

My parties are fun, for open-minded couples and female...

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Does Marriage Lead to Better Health Outcomes?

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2017

A new study suggests that dementia risk is considerably higher for singles as opposed to married folks. Jess and Jeff delved into the research this morning on The Morning Show.

For years we’ve been hearing that married folks fare better than their single counterparts when it comes to health outcomes, but then last year another study found that some of these claims have been overstated. So what’s the new verdict according to this study?

  • In this study, published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, researchers analyzed the results from 15 previously published studies with a total of 812,047 participants from Europe, Asia, the US and Brazil. This is a considerable sample size of which 29,610 has a form of dementia (but see below for limitations).
  • They found that people who had never been married and those who were widowed were more likely to develop dementia despite their age and sex. They conclude that the risk is 42% higher for singles and 20%...
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5 Types of Sex to Avoid. Really!

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2017

S-E-X! It may be good for your heart, great for your mood and even work wonders on your skin, but not all types offer the same benefits. Sometimes sex can make a bad situation worse and leave you wishing you hadn’t wasted your good underwear & clean sheets on a brief fling with sexual mediocrity.

If you find yourself enticed by these five types of sex, you may want to take a moment to reconsider. And if you’re still tempted, at least consider the laundry!

It may seem appealing to take one last ride on that pony for old time’s sake, but the consequences will likely outweigh the benefits. You’re breaking up, which means something isn’t working. And even if sex isn’t the cause of your break-up, it can complicate an already delicate situation.

For instance, it’s easy for your partner to misconstrue your intentions. When it comes to break-up sex, you don’t want your “It has been a pleasure...

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How to Have Those Difficult Conversations With Your Partner

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2017

Experts are constantly touting the value of “difficult conversations” in intimate relationships. But if a conversation is difficult, how do you initiate it to begin with? Do you bring it up at the dinner table or in the bedroom? Or should you wait until your partner in-laws are visiting to really up the awkward ante? Kidding. Obviously. This morning, Jess joined Jeff on The Morning Show to share her top strategies for starting challenging conversations with your partner, but some of these approaches could also be used to tackle tough topics with your kids, friends, and parents. Check out the video and summary below.

1. We all want to have these tough conversation, but they’re intimidating. What’s an easy way to get them started?

Use popular media (tv shows, books, magazines, news headlines) as inspiration to have conversations about difficult topics. For example, politician or celebrity divorce and affair rumours can help you to talk about cheating —...

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Jess' Advice for the Prince and Princess

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2017

Prince Harry and (the future Princess) Meghan Markle are engaged. She is leaving her job on Suits to join him in the UK and their long-distance relationship is coming to a close as they transition to a live-in couple. Jess joined Carolyn (yay!) to discuss long distance relationships on The Morning Show. Check out the summary and video below. And don’t forget to listen to Jess’ podcast as she discusses her part-time long-distance relationship with her hubby, Brandon Ware.

1. Meghan is leaving her career to become a full-time princess. Is it healthy to leave a career and life behind for love?

  • She’s leaving one career and moving into another. Of course, it’s okay to ditch a career for a relationship. Not only is she moving into a new and exciting career which will probably involve fulfilling charity work and fundraising, but if you ask almost anyone, they’ll always say that they value their relationship and family more than their career.  Why should...
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