Questions to Deepen the Bond With Your Partner

Uncategorized Jul 09, 2018

Dying to uncover your partner's deepest fantasies and most profound vulnerabilites? All you have to do is ask!

During the initial stages of dating, we tend to ask probing questions to get a better sense of a potential partner's personality and history. But why not take a chance and ask similar questions to a long-term partner? You never know what kind of answers you're going to get or where the conversation may lead.

Asking questions that encourage your partner to share previously unrevealed information or be vulnerable has the potential to deepen your connection.

The former facilitates the sharing of new information, which has the potential to reignite the passion chemicals and feelings you experienced when you first met. On early dates, you were constantly learning, sharing and discovering new things about your partner — the associated anticipation, curiosity, and excitement helped to ignite dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline, which...

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How Random Acts of Kindness Can Help Reduce Anxiety

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2018

Being kind feels good and now a study suggests that acts of kindness can help to reduce anxiety. Jess joined Jeff to discuss this study and other research related to kindness on Global TV’s The Morning Show. Check out the summary and video clip below.

1. What did this study find?

Two Canadian researchers divided participants into three groups to test the effect of various interventions of social anxiety. One group was assigned exposure therapy, another was asked to record life details (considered a neutral approach) and the other was asked to perform acts of kindness (like doing the dishes for your roommate). Those who performed acts of kindness reported the greatest reduction in social anxiety (measured by levels of social avoidance goals).

2. Why might random acts of kindness reduce social anxiety?

Performing acts of kindness can help to offset expectations of negative social interactions. When you’re kind, you may also anticipate positive interactions from others...

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The Hottest Expert-Approved Sexting Tips

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2018

Sexting is supposedly all the rage. But how many times have you gone back and forth, contemplating what you're going to write in that next sexy text? How do you communicate what you want and leave your lover with a sense of mystery and intrigue? We've joined forces with a few experts to bring you the best sexting advice that will leave your lover wanting more!

Pleasure Coach, Tyomi Morgan-Najieb suggests...

1. Perform a striptease with selfies.

Kick off a sexting session that involves removing clothing layer by layer. Begin with a photo of your body from an angle that only shows your lips and upper body. Include a message to your lover with the photo that sparks intrigue like, “want to see more of me?” With each picture you send, slide your clothing off inch by inch. This will keep your partner’s attention and have them anticipating what they will see when the next photo comes through to their phone. You can even request for your partner to send you...

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8 Ways to *Love* Your Body

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2018

Adapted from The New Sex Bible.

The way you feel about your body is intrinsically related to your experience of sexual pleasure. Research continues to confirm that those who feel most comfortable in their skin report higher levels of sexual functioning and those negative thoughts about your body can impede both sexual desire and response.

Body image is all about how you feel about your body as opposed to what your body actually looks like. Accordingly, changing your shape, size, weight and overall appearance on its own will not amount to a hotter sex life. A positive attitude toward your body, however, may be just what the sex doctor ordered.

Developing a healthy relationship with your body doesn’t mean that you have to idealize every square inch 24/7. Positive body image involves seeing your own value and learning to appreciate your body for its many functions. Some strategies for improving the way you see your body include:

1. Surround yourself with positive friends, family,...

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What Kind of Role Do Sports Play In Your Relationship?

Uncategorized Jun 19, 2018

The World Cup is well underway as evidenced by flags on cars, front stoops, storefronts and even bicycles across the country. And since the year’s matches take place in Russia, many fans are waking up extra early or staying up into the wee hours of the night to cheer on their teams.

But aside from the obvious sleep disruptions, what role do sports play in intimate relationships for fans and athletes? Jess joined Jeff to discuss related research today on The Morning Show. Check out the summary and video below and let us know whom you’re cheering for this year!

1. Sports play such an important role in Canadian culture — from hockey to cricket, we have fans of all persuasions. How does sports fandom affect the marital relationship?

When I was looking into the research on sports and intimate relationships, I came across a group of headlines that read something along the lines of “He loves sports more than he loves me.” It seems that the perception that...

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The Science of Flirting

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2018

Flirting may be an art, but it is also a custom that is universal across all cultures. Not only is flirting essential to human reproduction, but evolutionary psychologists suggest that humans owe our advanced civilization and technological advances to this fine courtship skill. Our ancestors used body language, eye contact and verbal cues to charm one another and send signals with regard to sexual interest.

Today, we express our attraction to one another using a similar set of subtle (and not so subtle) prompts designed to take the place of awkward conversations. Rather than walking up to a stranger in the bar and asking “Is the attraction mutual?”, we utilize an array of signals ranging from shy smiles to licking lips to convey our desire.  This ability to test the waters and enchant our mates may be responsible for our rise to the top of the food chain and research reveals that those who rate themselves as more charming are more likely to get what they...

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How Can You And Your Partner Achieve A Stable Work-Life Balance?

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2018

Many suggest that when it comes to our love lives and professional lives, we simply can’t have it all. Professionals from various backgrounds think compromise is essential to happy relationships and when it comes to work-life balance some experts suggest that when we thrive in one area, we tend to suffer in the other. But new research with dual-career couples suggests otherwise. Jennifer Petriglieri, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD, is optimistic about dual-career couples with regard to attachment styles and work-life balance.

Jess joined Jeff on Global TV’s The Morning Show to discuss the implications of this latest research.

1. This research looked at attachment styles in dual career couples. Let’s first address what we mean by attachment styles…

The field of developmental psychology uses attachment theory to examine how our foundational relationships (e.g. our relationship with our parents) influence our adult identities. The...

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Signs You're Not Over Your Ex -- And How to Move On

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2018

No breakup is easy -- no matter how consciously you uncouple. And getting over an ex can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Here are a few signs that you're still hung up a past relationship as well as a few tips to help you move on:

You check their social media accounts daily. Not only is this a sign that you haven’t moved on, but it may also be keeping you from moving on.

What to do: Cut it out. You don’t have to quit cold turkey, but you may want to set limits. Limit yourself to once every other day and slowly reduce the frequency until you’ve weaned yourself off entirely. It’s natural to be curious and you may still take a peek once in a while, but you’re more likely to move on if you’re not creeping their account daily.

You go places hoping to bump into them. You may tell yourself that you really just like the coffee at one of your shared old haunts or you may lie and say that you want to run into them so they can see how...

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Catfights - They're All In Your Head

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2018

Anne Hathaway recently spoke out about rumours of catfights onset of the Ocean’s 8 film.

“It’s been really amazing to watch the way certain members of the media have wanted us to fight each other and the way they wanted there to be competition and catfights, but we were all collaborating—all the time,” Hathaway explains. "Now, we’re friends. We genuinely love each other and we’re so there for each other. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Jess sat down with Jeff to discuss the catfight trope on Global TV’s The Morning Show.

1. Are women more likely to fight with other women?

The data, in fact, suggests otherwise: women have stronger and wider social ties than men and research suggests that women describe their same-gender friendships as closer and more satisfying.

2. Is there actual research into so-called catfights?

A Canadian study found that the catfight trope is primarily in our heads. Researchers presented a workplace...

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Common Masturbation Myths Busted!

Uncategorized May 30, 2018

We’re entering the homestretch of International Masturbation Month. That's right! Thirty-one days devoted exclusively to the celebration and practice of self-love. And though we're loving the celebration, it is inevitably accompanied by a host of misconceptions about what solo sex really means. After all, what we do with ourselves when we’re alone is arguably the most private aspect of sex in general. As a result, many people feel ashamed of the act of masturbation and subsequently tend to misunderstand it.

Thankfully, we’ve got Dr. Markie Twist and Dr. Megan Stubbs on-hand — no pun intended — to help dispel four of masturbation’s most common myths.

The former is an award-winning sexuality educator, sexologist, relationship therapist, author and international speaker. She not only regularly consults and presents on sexual, gender, erotic and relational diversity, but couple and family technology practices, plus tantric sex. And...

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