5 Toys To Revolutionize Your Sex Life! Part 1

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2017

When I first started working in the field of human sexuality, most of the toys on offer came in the form of exaggerated phalluses and animal-inspired vibes made of jelly. Fast forward to today and I’m thrilled to report that the adult toy industry has come along way. The variety and quality of products has vastly improved and many companies are investing heavily in research and development to ensure that their toys reflect the needs of their customers.

As a sexologist, I’m often asked to review toy prototypes and provide feedback (it’s a tough job, but somebody has got to to it!) and the companies I’ve worked with have been highly responsive to constructive criticism. From tech-enabled couples’ toys to products that focus as much on health as pleasure, it’s an exciting time in the adult industry.

There are thousands of toys, props and accoutrements on the market, but these are five that have revolutionized my sex life and those of my very happy clients:

I received the following products (and others) from Adam & Eve as part of a sponsored campaign. My review and opinions, however, are my own and only endorse products that I genuinely love.

If you’re interested in trying out any of these products or others from Adam & Eve, use my promo code “JESS” to save 50% OFF any one item and receive free shipping in the US & Canada. Certain exclusions apply. 100% money back guarantee. 24/7 customer service. 90 day no-hassle returns/exchanges.

1. The We-Vibe Wishwe-vibe-wish-300x300
I’ve been a fan of We-Vibe toys for many years. The Touch has been this girl’s best friend for quite some time, so when the app-enabled Wish came along, I was a bit skeptical about whether it could compare…

One quick romp with this pretty blue powerhouse, however, and I was convinced! Not only does theWish feature the most unique silky texture, but the shape is perfect for external rubbing. And since I’m away from home (and my partner) for 200+ days per year, the app comes in very handy. Whether I’m in San Diego or Shanghai, my partner can help control the speed, intensity and vibrations from his phone while we video chat via the We-Connect app. Thank goodness for the digital age!If you’re trying the Wish for the first time, here are a few tips for enhanced pleasure:

  • Press it gently against your pubic mound on a low speed to let the reverberations spread to the hood and inner shaft of the clitoris.
  • Use the soft, silky tip against the head (or hood) of your clitoris with a little bit of water-based lube.
  • Lie on top of the Wish during rear-entry intercourse so you have something powerful and silky to grind against.
  • Create your own custom vibrational pattern and “gift” it to your lover; you can set the vibrations to match their favourite song or play with undulating intensities to create a series of peaks and valleys.

* This product is not eligible for discount, but you can receive free shipping.

This is the perfect toy for those of us with limited closet space and those who travel often (especially with carry-on luggage only). There are, of course, many sex and position pillows on the market, but this Adam and Eve version has become my go-to in part because it suits my lifestyle. It won’t set off alarms at airport security and it deflates for easy storage which is perfect for the minimalist decor in my home. It’s fabric is velvety-soft and I love the handles, which make sex positions all the more fun, comfortable and varied.
Part 2 continued here...


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